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坣terfered with Hong Kong affairs,▓ which are China's internal affairs▓, and again revealed the hypocrisy, hegemonic▓ thinking, an▓d prejudice of A▓merican politicians. Their att▓itudes regard▓ing the chaos in Hong Kong are ▓too obvious."The ▓spokesperson reiterated that Hong Kong is part ▓of China,

and the Hong ▓Kong issue r▓emains entirely within China's internal affai▓rs. He also urged U.S. politicians to s▓top interf▓ering immed▓iately with Hong Kong affairs.Please scan the QR


Code to follow ▓us on Instagram▓Please scan the QR Code to follow us o▓n WechatThe Sy▓rian army on Saturday captured a previou▓s U.S.-run base in the northeastern province of Hasa▓kah, as part of an ongoing military ▓deployment in Kurdish-held are▓as in northern Syria, a mil▓itary official said.Syrian army▓ captures previous U.S. base in Hasakah provinceSyrian army captu▓res

f the Chinese Foreign Ministry▓ in th

previous U.S. base in Hasakah▓ province10-20-2▓019 10:03 BJTDAMASCU

e Hong Kong Special Ad

▓S, Oct. 19 -- Th▓e Syrian ar▓my on Saturday captured a previous U.S.-run base in the nor

ministrative Region

theastern prov▓ince of Ha▓sakah, as part of an▓ ongoing military deployment i▓n Kurdish-held a

(HKSAR) said in a statement on

reas in northern Syria▓, a milita▓ry official said.The army captured the former U.S. ba▓s


e in the village▓ of Qasr Yalda▓ in the western co▓untryside of Hasakah province, said ▓the official on condition of▓ anonymity."In this area, there was a U.S. mi▓litary base, and w▓ith our efforts and the Syrian arm▓y's determina▓tion, we will disl▓odge all U.S. forces and all other ▓foreign aggressors fro

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“Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.”

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gn Affairs Committee Chairman,

m our Syrian territories," the source told Xinhua.T▓he U.S.-led coalition created the base in late 2015 to train the Kurdish-l▓ed Syrian Democratic Force (SDF) due to its s▓trategic locati

on between the vil

▓ Eliot

Engel, and Republic▓an Micha

lage of ▓Tall Tamr and the city of Ras al-Ayn near the main road connec▓ting Hasakah with Aleppo provi▓nce.The Syrian army entered the town▓ as part of a recent deployment ▓in nearby a▓rea

s to secure the Hasa

el McCau

l released a joint statement

kah-Aleppo road.State news agency SANA also ▓confirmed the▓ army's entry to the village, saying ▓the army is deploy▓ed in Qasr Yal▓da, where the U.S.-led coalition ran a military base.SAN

A also said that the


g to "have

U▓nited States has destroyed a ▓radar base ahead of its withdrawal from the ▓facility in Hasakah. It added that the United Stat▓es, in general, ▓was destroying milit▓ary b

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